Lucky Old Sun

Friday, May 31, 2019 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm


Based in Ithaca, NY, Lucky Old Sun plays all original tunes with a handful of covers. Their music is a rockin' blues & folky funk with moving & meaningful lyrics. Jon Wolfe (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) & Laura Wolfe (lead vocals, bass) are a husband & wife team who sing tight, haunting harmonies. Dave Streater (piano) is a classical/jazz virtuoso who knows rock & roll & blues like the back of his hand & composes Jazz-inspired originals. Mitch Wiedeman rocks us steady on the drums, Mr. Nick Johnston plays it soulful & sweet on lead guitar, and Jodi Riggs adds beautiful harmonies as our back up vocalist.


Jon & Laura Wolfe have been singing together for as long as they have known each other. The band needed a bass player, so Jon encouraged Laura to take on the job. Dave Streater is an accomplished musician & composer who was featured in the band "Blue Cayuga Jazz," an Ithaca-based Jazz band. Our talented percussionist, Dr. Zisk, is a solid philosopher-friend & colleague of Jon's. We have two perfectly-pitched backup singers, Jenni Cunningham-Ryan & Jodi Riggs (featured on our demo tracks). Last, but certainly not least...Our excellent friend, Mr. Nick Johnston, our skillful & sweet-playing lead guitar player, who provides us with smooth & tasty solos & original licks.

Ticket Price: Free